(★BREAKING) Gary Talks About “Running Man” And His New Family For The First Time In Years

His story was much different than everyone thought.

Gary sat down for an interview for the first time about his disappearance from the entertainment industry, his new family and his life after Running Man.

Gary had entered the interview with happy vibes and his signature goofy face.

He first opened up about why he decided to step away from the spotlight of the industry. He clarified that he didn’t disappear but simply returned to his normal life before Running Man.

“I can’t concentrate on too many things at once. I didn’t go into hiding, I was simply focusing only on music.”

He revealed that before he joined Running Man, he wouldn’t come out of his house for months in order to focus on Leessang’s albums.

He was actually very surprised to hear that people thought he went into hiding.

“Honestly, I didn’t think people would think I went into hiding. I thought I said my greetings to everyone enough, and I thought the public would feel the same. Even when I was leaving Running Man, I explained my decision thoroughly to my members and they all understood me with open minds.”

He explained that he left Running Man because he just felt it was the right time to naturally step down.

Gary with the cast of “Running Man”.

“I wanted to focus on my music, but the ultimate deciding factor was right before I officially left. I frequently thought, ‘Am I playing my character right for the show?’ I would work as best as I can, but I couldn’t help but think if I was bringing down the show.”

He felt he played the “Running Man‘s Gary” role to it’s fullest extent.

“My character had run its course, and I continually felt that I had nothing new to add to my character. Of course, everyone told me that it was fine because we’re family and that I shouldn’t worry. But I firmly believed that I had nothing left to offer for the show.”

When asked if he had any regrets about leaving, he happily responded that everything is right where it should be.

“Look at Running Man now. They added new characters and wouldn’t you say it’s going great? I’m very happy. I don’t have any wishes to go back or feel envious and regretful. As I said before, I strongly believed ‘I’m not good at this’ and only feel apologetic.”

Gary himself hadn’t changed much since leaving the show. The only thing that really changed in his life was that he is now a husband and a father, as well as his original title as a musician.

The only photo Gary ever released about his son.

“70% of my day goes into taking care of the baby and the other 30% goes to my music. Honestly, I thought I would be able to work on my music even after the baby, but it’s been difficult to find a balance.”

He was all smiles as he talked about his new life with his son.

“Maybe it’s because I had my child late, but he’s beautiful. One day, I was looking at his face and thought, ‘No matter what happens in life, I wouldn’t be scared as long as my wife and this child are right next to me.’ That’s why I’m committing everything to my family.”

Although he was very happy about his new life, he asked everyone to respect his family’s privacy.

“I want to talk as less as I can about my wife. My wife and family were hurt a lot because of the rumors and malicious comments. Hateful comments towards me are fine, but I can’t sleep when people talk badly about my wife. We’re simply living happily while raising our child.”

Lastly, he revealed that he has no promotional plans in the near future but will continue to work on his music.

“I don’t have any specific ‘plans’, but I’m constantly working on my music as usual. I’m going to focus on raising my child and my music. I’ll greet everyone again once I have perfected the best result.”

Source: Sports Chosun