Gary voices out his complaint towards Korea Music Copyright Association

Leessang’s Gary caused fans to worry after sharing his frustrations towards being a musician in Korea along with his complaint towards the Korea Music Copyright Association. 

On July 21st, Gary posted a complaint towards the Korea Music Copyright Association on his personal Facebook account and aired his frustrations saying, “I wanna leave this industry…. I think my life is getting shortened with stress.” Along with the statement, he also included an article link that talked about distribution earnings from the members of the Korea Music Copyright Association and provided more insight saying, “Since last year, the copyrights earnings have been coming in at the same amount. I hope all musicians get the strength.”

Evidently, his posts became a hot topic from his fans and followers which led to his agency explain that, “Gary’s frustration explained in words. The copyrights earnings have not been coming in correctly. We cannot understand why each month’s earnings are the same despite months that he is working or not. We also haven’t heard a thorough explanation.”

Furthermore, the Korea Music Copyright Association also responded towards the allegations brought by Gary’s posts. It was explained that they had split the total profit of $3 million in 3 months.

Through a representative, they also spoke to OSEN on July 21st saying, “Gary first expressed his complaint about the misdistribution of about $3 million for 2 months. But the money has been distributed in April, May and June. I think he had a misunderstanding regarding this part. Although Gary has posted that he has been receiving the same amount of money every month, but that isn’t the case. I think he tried to explain his frustration through those words. We calculate the profits of the songs monthly, calculate the usage of the songs on programs in terms and then calculate international usage annually. It isn’t possible for him to receive the same amount every month.”

It was also added that they have been trying to reach Gary himself but to no luck and revealed that, “What can we really say. We can just adjust and react to our members’ rebukes. I think we have to clear the misunderstanding with our member. We will try our best to protect his earnings. Our job is to get the right amount of earnings to our members. If he isn’t happy about something, we are going to directly send an apology to him. We are trying our best but if he complains that we are too slow, we will try our best to work harder.”

Meanwhile, Gary recently returned to the local music scene with Leessang for their first track after three years “Kaleidoscope.”

Source: DailySports and Osen