Gay “Superstar K” Competitor Park Woo Sik Suffers An Assault By An Anti-Fan

Park Woo Sik will be focusing on his mental health as his agency finds the perpetrator.

Superstar K is a Korean talent show somewhat similar to America’s Got Talent and American Idol. It’s probably most recognized by international fans for jumpstarting celebrities’ careers, such as Seo In Guk, Roy Kim, Huh Gak, Busker Busker, and more.

Park Woo Sik on Superstar K in 2010 | Mnet

Former Season 2 competitor, Park Woo Sik, came out as gay on the show 10 years ago and is still being criticized for it. Recently, he revealed that he suffered a physical assault by an anti-fan.

| A1 Entertainment

According to Park Woo Sik’s label, A1 Entertainment, he and his staff were eating at a restaurant on March 14 when an anti-fan appeared in front of them. The anti-fan was said to have created a “threatening atmosphere,” and when they tried to avoid him, the anti-fan grabbed Park Woo Sik by the collar and cursed at him.

When the staff announced that they would call the police, the anti-fan continued to verbally abuse Park Woo Sik before finally going away. A1 Entertainment stated that they would be releasing the footage caught of the incident on Park Woo Sik’s YouTube to identify the aggressor and to take legal action against them.

| 박우식TV/YouTube

Park Woo Sik has decided to currently suspend all activities to focus on his mental health, which was affected by the incident.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo