Netizens Believe BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is Gearing Up For His Solo Comeback

“He’s coming to fulfill his promise…”

Fans believe BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, one of K-Pop’s most recognizable and enduring icons, is gearing up for a comeback.

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In the early morning of June 22, the jet-setting, Chanel wearing idol of idols, uploaded to his Instagram a photo of himself in a recording booth.

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Another picture of what seems to be a piece of recording equipment was also uploaded.

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Fans are taking the pictures as a hint at G-Dragon’s solo comeback.

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Netizens expressed their excitement in an online post that has garnered over 55K views as of writing this article.

In the post titled, “Woah GD’s Solo Recording Pictures Are Here, It’s A Comeback!!!” a netizen deciphered the uploaded photos as a sure sign that G-Dragon was gearing up for a solo comeback.


I think he’s in the post-production stages… It’s been a really long time since he gave us a spoiler this directly. I’ve been holding on for his solo, and now finally ㅠ…

— Netizen

Fans couldn’t help but express their excitement in the comments.

Picture in post reads “One day, suddenly, I will come back to you guys.” | Nate Pann

He’s coming to fulfill his promise ㅠㅠ I love you, Kwon Ji Yong ㅠㅠ He has never released a song that wasn’t a classic

— Netizen

Has it been five years? The genius needs to be on stage.

— Netizen

  • Ah, Kwon Ji Yong, seriously ㅠ, I thought it was about time for a legendary bop. All of his songs are bops.(sic)
  • Man, it’s really impressive that he still works on music. I hope he does well.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon last solo album was Kwon Ji Yong, which was released in 2017. The album garnered commercial and critical acclaim, reaching number one in 46 countries on iTunes, setting a record for a Korean artist. The album would sell over a million copies after its first week of release.

Album art for Kwon Ji Yong | YG Entertainment
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Fans of the artist and BIGBANG has been long anticipating a return. BIGBANG returned briefly in April when they bid their fans farewell with their bittersweet single “Still Life.”

Daesung in the music video for BIGBANG’s “Still Life” | YG Entertainment
Taeyang in the music video for BIGBANG’s “Still Life” | YG Entertainment

After the release of “Still Life,” member T.O.P left YG Entertainment to pursue his solo career.

T.O.P in the music video for BIGBANG’s “Still Life” | YG Entertainment
Source: Nate Pann