GD x Taeyang’s “Good Boy” is the world’s most watched K-Pop MV in November

Project unit consisting of GD x Taeyang shows that their popularity is no less than BIGBANG as a 5-member group by ranking first for K-pop music video views for the month of November in the world and America!

The duo released their latest hit “Good Boy” on November 21st, gaining an applaudable 3 million views for its music video in less than two days after its release. Till today, the video uploaded on BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel has gained more than 17 million hits in less than a month.

In particular, the music video gained the attention of renowned global music video director Colin Tilley, who acknowledged the colorful visuals and unique camera work for “Good Boy.”

Besides the music video’s views, it has also been revealed by Billboard that GD x Taeyang’s “Good Boy” took the number one placing for the “World Digital Song” ranking chart, highlighting the two’s global success.

Following behind GD x Taeyang on the charts is HI SUHYUN, yet another special unit group from YG Entertainment, ranking #2 as the second most viewed K-pop music video in America for November.

Meanwhile, GD x Taeyang has also addressed concerns over BIGBANG’s comeback delays in a recent interview.

Source: X Sports News