G-Dragon Asked Jeong Hyeong Don for TWICE’s Autograph

Is G-Dragon a fan of TWICE?

G-Dragon, who’s currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, asked Jeong Hyeong Don for TWICE‘s autograph.

On the December 31 airing of Channel A’s Rumor Has It, G-Dragon was brought up in conversation.

On this day, the culture reporter asked, “Do you know how long the military service term is? Unless you’re family or friends, you probably don’t know. But when it comes to G-Dragon, his foreign fans know the Korean military system better than anyone. I heard all the sympathy letters are slowing down the system.”

In response, the entertainment reporter said, “Jeong Hyeong Don talked about G-Dragon on a show not long ago. Apparently, G-Dragon called Jeong Hyeong Don via collect call and asked him for TWICE’s autograph.

Park Soo Hong followed that up with, “Even if he’s a star, he’s still a man.” And Kim Ga Yeon asked, “Do you think one of his predecessors is a fan of TWICE?”

Whatever the reason might be, TWICE is beloved by everyone including the famous and those in the military.

Source: My Daily