G-Dragon’s Brother-In-Law Kim Min Joon Updates On His Newly Wed Life

He perfectly impersonated G-Dragon’s reaction!

Actor Kim Min Joon guest starred on I Can See Your Voice 7, where he opened up about his newly wed life with Kwon Da Mi, G-Dragon‘s older sister.

The hosts mentioned that he looked happier than usual, asking if it was from his recent marriage. He immediately agreed, expressing how happy he was to be married to his wife!

I’m very happy. It’s only been a couple of months since we got married.

We’re on honeymoon bliss.

— Kim Min Joon

He confessed that when he first got the offer to appear on the show, Da Mi immediately told him to say yes! It appears she’s a big fan of the show!

During the show, two contestants began singing G-Dragon’s song. Kim Min Joon was challenged to try lip syncing to the song, and he absolutely nailed it – right down to G-Dragon’s signature poses!

He also imitated how G-Dragon would react if he saw his lip syncing to his song.

I know exactly how he’s react. He would listen and go, [smirk]. He would wait 2 seconds, and since we’re waiting for his response, he would ask, ‘Did you do it?’

— Kim Min Joon

He’s spent enough time with G-Dragon to know even his little habits. He revealed, “He always shifts his weight back and forth on his legs. He just has that style.

What’s not to love about this adorable family?!

Check out Kim Min Joon on I Can See Your Voice 7 below: