G-Dragon Praised For Pulling Off “Female Clothes” At Recent Chanel Haute Couture Show

Fashion Icon breaking gender barriers!

G-Dragon made an appearance as a “House Ambassador” for Chanel at their 2020 Spring/Summer Haute Collection show!


Fans and the media rushed to Paris to catch a glimpse of G-Dragon in his latest fashion piece for Chanel’s iconic show.


G-Dragon cam dressed in a lavender jacket, velvet purple pants, and his signature heavily decorated accessories!


And he looked like the Prince of Paris himself!


Fans and netizens were quick to notice something special about G-Dragon’s latest outfit.


His jacket was actually worn typically by women as it was released on a female model.


But fashion knows no gender limits and neither does G-Dragon! Fans praised him for pulling off the jacket like it was made for him despite it being made for a specific gender or not!

“He makes it look like it was made for both genders”

“Whatever he wears, his shoulder fit is a work of art”

“Of course, as expected from G-Dragon”

— K-Netizens


Fans from all over the world also fell in love with G-Dragon’s new look as they showered him with love and compliments!


G-Dragon was seen having a pleasant time at another Chanel show as he caught up with his famous friends, like Pharell Williams.


All hail G-Dragon, the fashion king, fashion icon, fashion legend, and everything in between!

Source: Top Star News