G-Dragon Now Criticized For Adopting Cats — After “Abandoning” His Dogs At His Family-Run Pension

“Pets aren’t accessories to make you look cool, you know.”

Following the recent controversy over the treatment of G-Dragon‘s two Shar Pei dogs — Gaho and Jolie…

Gaho (left) and Jolie (right)

… Korean netizens have turned to criticizing G-Dragon for not only “abandoning his dogs after using them for attention”…


… but also “adopting cats when he clearly doesn’t have the responsibility to look after pets.” His ELLE Magazine interview from September 2016 — in which G-Dragon discusses his cat-dad life — has resurfaced to fuel the fire.

G-Dragon’s Instagram @xxxibgdrgn

My cat is a people-cat. When I’m home, I’m constantly taking pictures of my cat. When I have a lot of work scheduled, I can’t spend a lot of time with my cat. So when I do stay home, I try to take a lot of pictures. I try to entertain my cat and give a lot of hugs.

— G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s past Instagram posts, showing off his cats, have since been flooded with hate from these netizens.

  • “So did you abandon Gaho?”
  • “Your dogs need their nails trimmed though…”
  • “I hope you are a dog like Gaho in your next life. That way you learn how it feels to be abandoned. Pets aren’t accessories to make you look cool, you know.”
  • “Stop adopting pets for yourself. You should only have pets when you’re ready to make the sacrifices for them. That’s the kind of dedication and responsibility it takes to have pets. And that’s the respect that all living things deserve. I can’t believe I have to explain this. How depressing.”

As the heat continues to build, one netizen posted online that the pension has allegedly been contacted. In the since-deleted post, this netizen claimed that the pension’s attendant answered the phone — and that in their conversation, the attendant insisted the dogs are being taken care of, despite the online talk.

“I Just Called The Dolce Vita Pension Where Gaho Is Staying”

I don’t know who picked up the phone. It might be G-Dragon’s dad? But anyway, he said he takes care of the dogs when I asked him who’s in charge of Gaho and Jolie. And about Gaho’s nails… He said he tried taking Gaho to the vet to get them cut. The vet said Gaho’s nails are too long and that cutting them will hurt the nerves. So that’s why Gaho’s nails have been left that way. He said Gaho is being taken care of, no matter what people say. He didn’t feel the need to respond. And he said Jolie isn’t there because she ran off when the door had been left open.

— Anonymous Netizen

Unfortunately, this deleted post only created more controversy — as it revealed that the pension has “lost” Jolie. Because the post has been deleted, the validity of the statement cannot be confirmed. Netizens, however, believe G-Dragon has indeed done the dogs wrong.


  • “Wow, I’m speechless that he adopted cats.”
  • “They don’t even know where Jolie is because she ran away when the door had been left open. Sigh…”
  • “You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she treats animals… So I’m deeply disappointed.”
  • “Where is his sense of responsibility?”
  • “If he really thought of the dogs as family, he’d be sad that they have to be apart from him. He clearly didn’t think of them as family.”
  • “I know nothing about dogs and this taught me a thing or two… I completely understood why those nails look wrong.”

G-Dragon is yet to respond to the allegation that he “abandoned” his dogs.

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