G-Dragon To Be Discharged This Week, Reporters Wonder If He Can Save YG Entertainment

We’re getting closer to his discharge!

After two years gone from the entertainment industry, G-Dragon is finally set to be discharged from the army on October 26, Saturday!

Fans are avidly awaiting his return, and reporters are even claiming that he might be able to “save YG entertainment.”

His comeback, which has a huge impact on the music industry, draws attention not only to his solo and his group activities but also to YG Entertainment’s future steps. YG desperately needs the return of G-Dragon and BIGBANG.

Fans, however, wish the media would stop pressuring G-Dragon to do seemingly the impossible.

Don’t burden him even before he’s out of the army.

Whatever GD does, leave him alone.

Fans here are still saying don’t put pressure on him.

– Korean Netizens

YG Entertainment is said to be struggling after a series of scandals, from Seungri‘s Burning Sun case to Yang Hyun Suk‘s prostitution rumors, to B.I‘s drug accusation.

Whatever plans G-Dragon has in store, his fans vow to support him. Congratulations on your soon-to-be discharge, G-Dragon!

Source: Naver