G-Dragon’s Drug Investigation Takes Unexpected Turn After Sex Worker Changes Story

“Last year, Kwon Ji Yong visited the business…”

G-Dragon‘s (Kwon Ji Yong) drug investigation takes a bizarre turn.

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On November 29, it was reported that the sex worker, whose testimony sparked a celebrity drug scandal, had changed her story. According to the report, the sex worker denied ever seeing G-Dragon do drugs.

Last year, Kwon Ji Yong visited the business. The tray in the bathroom in his room was used to do drugs, and had leftover cocaine in it. I didn’t see him do the drugs in person. The actor who was with him may have been the one who did it.

— Sex Worker

G-Dragon has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation and has tested negative for drugs on 3 separate occasions. The idol has since called out the credibility of the sex worker’s testimony.

There is no way for me to explain this, but her actions seem strange. From what I’ve read in reports, I also have questions about who she is, who this madam is, and the things she is claiming I have done because, from my understanding, she is a prior drug convict. To be honest, I also have questions about her claims.

— G-Dragon to YTN

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Source: my daily