G-Dragon Sends The Sweetest Gift To His Brother-In-Law, Kim Min Joon, For His Latest Movie

No wonder why he called G-Dragon a “cute and lovable” brother!

It’s been a month since actor Kim Min Joon got married to G-Dragon‘s older sister, Kwon Da Mi. And now that they’ve all become family, G-Dragon sent the sweetest gift in support of his older brother’s upcoming movie!


G-Dragon sent Kim Min Joon a gourmet coffee and snacks truck to his film set! He added adorable banners that cheered on his brother-in-law, which read, “GD is buying for my brother-in-law! Actor Kim Min Joon! Sorikkun! Fighting! I support Sorikkun! Fighting, brother-in-law!


With the cutest relationship between these two top-stars-turned-brothers, no wonder why Kim Min Joon previously called G-Dragon “cute and lovable“!

Here’s to more adorable interactions between the brothers-in-law!

Source: Digital Times
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