G-Dragon Revealed To Have Been Hospitalized Once Again Due To Ankle Injury

He has now spent approximately 51 days in the hospital treating his ankle since his enlistment.

It has been revealed that G-Dragon was once again hospitalized for his ankle injury.

According to a Korean news outlet, G-Dragon was hospitalized at the Pocheon Armed Forces Hospital in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do on July 12th and was released 15 days later on the 27th.


The star had apparently been hospitalized due to his ankle injury but further details have not been revealed.

“As far as I know, the purpose (of his hospitalization) was for his ankle treatment. I am not aware of any further details.” ㅡ Affiliate


According to the hospital and the army, G-Dragon had experienced pain in his right ankle since before his enlistment and eventually underwent surgery at a hospital in Seoul in May after being diagnosed with ankle instability.

Ankle instability refers to repetitive spraining of the ankle within a 3-6 month period. In particular, those with ankle instability have difficulty balancing due to the improper function of ankle ligaments that were not properly treated.


Meanwhile, G-Dragon has now spent a total of approximately 51 days treating his ankle including 11 days at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital and 15 days at the Pocheon Armed Forces Hospital.

“The maximum number of sick days per year is 30 days. G-Dragon took 1 day in March, 3 days in April, 17 days in May and 4 days in June.” ㅡ Ministry of National Defence Affiliate


An affiliate of the Military Human Rights Korea clarified that hospitalization in accordance with a doctor’s diagnosis is not regarded as vacation and that if the number of sick days exceeds 30 days, it will automatically be added to the military service period.

“If one is hospitalized according to a doctor’s diagnosis, it is not regarded as vacation.” ㅡ Military Human Rights Affiliate

Source: Sports World