G-Dragon’s Recent Photos Show Healthy Weight Gain Since Enlistment

Fans are in love with his new cheeks!

With G-Dragon‘s 1st year in the military coming up within a couple of months, fans have been dying to know what he’s been up to.


Well, a close friend and CEO of a shabu shabu restaurant gave an exclusive look into G-Dragon’s recent look! He posted photos of himself next to G-Dragon while dining at his restaurant.


He fondly left a message to G-Dragon, calling him his ‘forever hero’.

“I love you, Jiyong hyung… #TheForeverHeroOfMyHeartGDragon #IAchievedMyDream #ICanDieWithNoRegrets”

— @shabuly_ceo


Shabuly’s CEO is famous among K-Pop idols as he frequently has famous celebrity stars dine in at his restaurant.


While admiring G-Dragon’s recent photos, fans noticed that his cheeks became fuller as he gained a healthy amount of weight since his enlistment!


Before enlisting, G-Dragon was busy on his solo tour, where he dawned a slim v-line and sharp edges.


Now, G-Dragon has regained his puffy cheeks making him look cuter than ever!


Fans are absolutely in love with how happy and healthy G-Dragon looks with his new weight!


No matter what he looks like, G-Dragon never fails to charm his fans with his dashing good looks!