G-Dragon’s Reportedly Facing Further Police Woes

The idol has already tested negative for drugs on 3 occasions.

G-Dragon will be investigated further despite his negative test results.

G-Dragon | Chosun Ilbo

On November 27, the Korean Herald reported that a police representative claimed that G-Dragon’s police woes were not over. According to the report, during a press conference, when asked if there was a possibility that G-Dragon might still be indicted, the representative left the possibility open.

Until a final conclusion has been reached, every possibility is open. Although he has tested negative for drugs, there are still things we need to investigate.

— Police representative

The officer continued by stating that there might be a case in which G-Dragon is charged despite his negative results.

If there are several clear instances where he had taken drugs, I don’t think it is right to let him go scoff-free just because he tested negative.

— Police representative

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has previously tested negative for drugs in 3 separate tests. The results have sparked a massive backlash against the police.

Source: korean herald