G-Dragon Receives High Praise From VOGUE For His Influence In Fashion

The world famous fashion magazine VOGUE has recently mentioned G-Dragon and his incredible fashion influence. 

The fashion magazine wrote an article ahead of PEACEMINUSONE’s arrival in Miami, Florida where he will be selling his own fashion line. 

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They complimented his power in the fashion world and the incredible influence he has, comparing him to other cultural icons such as Kanye West.

“G-Dragon has as much fashion clout as Kanye West or Kate Middleton—if he wears something, it sells out by day’s end.”


Roma Cohen of the Miami-based fashion brand Alchemist went so far as to say, “this dude is literally more powerful than anyone I can think of.”

There’s no doubt G-Dragon is one of the biggest fashion icons in Asia and, as his fan base continues to grow in the west, these words from one of fashion’s biggest voices are sure to ring more and more true.

Source: Vogue