G-Dragon Exposes Police’s Shocking Incompetence In Fiery Response To New Allegations

Korean news outlets are allegedly deleting their articles…

G-Dragon‘s lawyers responded to the latest allegations targeting the idol.

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On November 10, G-Dragon’s lawyer rebuked new allegations claiming the idol had removed his body hair in order to destroy evidence.

Reports stating that G-Dragon had removed all of his body hair are absolutely false information.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

The lawyer then stated that the Police did not even have a warrant to test G-Dragon’s hair, whether it was on his head or his body. The lawyer then made the shocking revelation that G-Dragon had volunteered to take a drug test to clear his name.

The court had already denied a warrant to check his phones for lack of evidence, and (Police) did not have a warrant to check his hair. Despite this, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) volunteered to give samples of his urine, hair, and fingernails to quickly reveal the truth and to minimize the confusion. He has cooperated faithfully, and we are revealing that he is willing to provide his leg hair to the Police, in addition to the body hair samples that were requested by the police.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

The idol’s lawyer then admonished the police for making it seem like G-Dragon was hiding evidence.

The Police are reporting this as if Kwon Ji Yong had deliberately destroyed evidence, but Kwon Ji Yong had hair that is a normal length for a man and provided the amount of hair requested by Police.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

The lawyer then revealed that G-Dragon had not dyed his hair for over a year, which negates any reason why the idol’s hair alone should provide a conclusive result.

As for his hair (on his head), depending on the length, it can reveal whether he had used drugs for up to a year. And to respond to the reports stating that dyeing and bleaching his hair, which is normal for an idol, can result in a false negative, Kwon Ji Yong has not dyed or bleached his hair for over a year and 5 months.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

The lawyer finally ended his statement by expressing frustration at the Police for defaming his client and towards the Korean media, which had reported the news without fact-checking.

The Police have severely defamed G-Dragon’s character by making it seem like he had destroyed evidence to hide a crime. And the media, despite this, never fact-checked with us before writing their reports. To this, I express deep regrets.

Police’s allegations claiming G-Dragon had removed his body hair to hide evidence is clearly misinformation, and currently, the news outlets who first reported this have already edited their article. In the future, we will respond to speculative reports such as this with the full might of the law.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

Previously, Police alleged that G-Dragon had removed his body hair to destroy evidence. The claims follow a great deal of criticism aimed at the Incheon Police, who had paraded G-Dragon’s investigation publicly only to be embarrassed when the idol tested negative for drugs. Police have since faced a barrage of criticism, which you can read below.

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