G-Dragon Sparks Rumors Of Comeback With His Recent Instagram Post

Is it finally happening?!

It’s been 100 years since we’ve seen the legends they call BIGBANG return on stage with a comeback… (It’s been 2 years but it feels like a hundred). But G-Dragon may have just given VIPs a little hope when he updated his Instagram with a series of new photos on set!

G-Dragon uploaded photos of himself behind the scenes of what appears to be a filming set. He captioned the post with a clapperboard which could only mean that some kind of filming is going on!

The set was at a beautiful mountain side with lush greens and what appears to be a construction site.

He graced us with a pic with people who appear to be his friends, staff or both.

And VIPs ate it up real quick as rumors of a comeback started circulating again!

It’s been 2 years since BIGBANG’s last comeback. They released “Flower Road” in 2018 as a goodbye song for fans as they headed into the military. They weren’t able to perform the song on stage as many of them had already enlisted when it came out.

BIGBANG was originally scheduled to make their grand return to stage through Coachella in April but was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19.

Whether it be a BIGBANG comeback, solo comeback, a unit comeback, or just a commercial promotion, VIPs can’t wait to see more of their Kings!

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