G-Dragon Showed Off His Creative Side At His First Art Exhibition in Taiwan

Congrats on your art exhibition, G-Dragon!

G-Dragon shows off his artistic abilities at his first art exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. The exhibition opened to the public in August 1 and feature artworks created by the singer before he enlisted into the army.

The exhibition is called “Untitled, 2017”. G-Dragon has stated that he thought of the four seasons as he painted and how his audience reminds him of flowers. He originally wrote down his thoughts but since he had too much to say, he decided to paint.

The main attraction of his exhbitions is called the “Flower Road”, which features 6 paintings of flowers. They are all up for sale $218 TWD.

Entrance to the exhibition is limited since tickets are made to be reserved and the gallery accepting only 40 people per time scheduled. Still, dozens of overseas fans came to support G-Dragon and his artworks.

The exhibition will be held until August 18 and will make its way to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Indonesia, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. G-Dragon is expected to be discharged from the military on October 26.

Source: Newsen