G-Dragon Gives Special Gift To His Sister, Fans Filled With Awe

“Such a sweet brother.”

Fans are in awe of G-Dragon and his sister’s sweet relationship as shown through a series of posts uploaded by his sister.


G-Dragon is currently serving his military service, having enlisted in late February of this year.


And it seems G-Dragon’s sister had visited the artist at his platoon where he gave her a special gift: an autumn leaf. His sister shared a photo of the present she received with the caption, “You’re more than qualified to be loved. So sweet @xxxibgdrgn.”


She elaborated in her Instagram story: “Such a romantic guy. He’s so lovely and cute. Is there any man out there like this that’s not my brother? He put this leaf in my hand saying he has a gift for me. So sweet.”


It seems as if G-Dragon wanted to give his sister “fall” as a gift and fans were simply amazed at how romantic he was.

  • “Such a sweet brother”
  • “Such a romantic boy!”
  • “The sweetest man on earth. How lucky you are to have such a great brother! We miss him but I’m sure you miss him so much!”
  • “Romantic 😍❤”


The posts were followed by another post in which she expressed words of encouragement for both herself and her brother.

“Good things will come to both you and me. That’s why I feel at ease and my heart is racing.”


In another post, she shared an image of G-Dragon’s photo and wrote, “You were the best.”


G-Dragon’s sister seemingly misses her brother very much and fans have been sympathizing with her, expressing that they too miss him too much.

  • “We miss him so much unni. 😭”
  • “Best for family n all. Having an adorable brother is the best gift. Because not all brothers are sweet. 😅😅 miss u jiyong”
  • “We really miss him so much ㅠㅜ”
  • “So true unnie ❤ . He is a living legend. King of kpop and forever our king ❤❤❤❤”
  • “Miss him so much😭😭😭😭😭”
  • “He is the best for me too 😘😘😘”
Source: Dispatch