G-Dragon Bursts Into Tears After Seeing Over 3,000 Fans Who Came To Celebrate His Military Discharge

He became emotional when he saw his fans.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was officially discharged from the military today after successfully finishing his mandatory duties.


He was greeted by over 3,000 fans who came from all over the world to be there the moment he was discharged.


After seeing the large ocean of fans calling out his name, G-Dragon couldn’t take his eyes off of them as he began his brief interview.


He began to tear up as he couldn’t help but keep looking towards his supportive fans.


His eyes grew red as he looked as if he’d almost burst into tears.


Soon after greeting the press, he held a private event with just the fans at a remote location.


The overwhelming love from his fans finally got to him as he couldn’t help but shed tears.


G-Dragon vowed to actively promote as an artist now that he’s out of the army and fans are dying to see the next chapter in his career!


Check out G-Dragon’s first moments after discharge below:

Source: Osen, isplus and Sports Donga