BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Thoughtful DM To “Street Man Fighter” Contestant YGX’s Deukie Shows His True Personality

It’s a YG Family affair.

BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s heartwarming direct message to current Mnet Street Man Fighter contestant and leader of YGX crew Deukie is going viral.

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Deukie shared the message on his Instagram story in the early dawn of September 23.

Message from G-Dragon | @Deukie___/Instagram

In the message, G-Dragon writes that he watched Deukie on the show.

LOL, I watched Street Man Fighter after waking up since it was on. I see you’re doing well, LOL. I’m watching you.

— G-Dragon

G-Dragon then writes a heartwarming message to Deukie, encouraging him and comforting the dancer, who has admirably withstood slights towards him from other dancers throughout the show. G-Dragon, who knows a thing or two about being a group leader, also shared also some of his wisdom.

My Deukie, I can’t believe you are a leader. You’ve grown so much. Don’t try to bear everything on your shoulders, and trust your teammates. Look out for them and don’t worry about the results, and don’t ever hold your head down, no matter where you are, okay?

— G-Dragon

The BIGBANG leader then told Deukie to stay humble and made sure that he was respectful to other dancers before hinting at a return to the stage.

Everyone there are also dancers, so be respectful to the other teams. Watch and learn from them and also teach them, and go have fun. I’ll also be getting ready.

— G-Dragon

The K-Pop icon then adds a caveat before wishing his friend strength.

But if you’re my dongseng, then you should win fir…s..t. Have strength my dongseng.

— G-Dragon

Deukie captioned the post by writing his appreciation for G-Dragon.

Seriously, he is my biggest strength, my rock, and my role model.

— Deukie

The thoughtful message has surely touched many fans. The message shows G-Dragon’s signature witty sense of humor, as well as his sincerity that fans rarely see.

Deukie is a popular dancer for YGX and is currently a contestant on Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter. The leader of the YGX crew, Deukie, is thrilling fans with the crew’s performance on the show. Check out the crew’s mega-crew mission performance in the link below.

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