Korean R&B Artist GEMINI Gives Fans “More & More” In Atlanta For His First North American Tour

He’s the king of fan engagement!

Korean R&B solo artist GEMINI (also known as Kim Jae Min, who previously released music as JayMIN) of AT AREA performed his first-ever concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

GEMINI in Atlanta | Tiffotography

GEMINI, whose stage name originates from his own zodiac sign, released his Still Blue EP on December 13, 2022. Now, he has taken it internationally with live performances as he embarked on his 2023 Still Blue North American Tour, his first-ever North American tour, after previously performing in Europe in 2022.

GEMINI’s North American tour took him to Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, March 21, to perform at Center Stage: The Loft, an iconic venue for Atlanta’s music and arts community. While it opened in 2003, it was originally Theatre Atlanta which opened in 1966. The Loft can hold 650 people, allowing a comfortable but intimate vibe for concerts, perfect for GEMINI’s music.


When entering the venue, it’s almost like visiting the undersea world of Talokan as you’re met with a sea of blue. It was lit entirely in blue initially, appropriately for the Still Blue North American Tour. 


Before the concert began, the diverse crowd was hyped. Since the doors opened, attendees were given some time to grab drinks. However, a pre-show playlist filled the venue, including Korean R&B hits from artists such as Crush and even K-Pop songs from groups including ATEEZ and P1Harmony that had everyone dancing.

Ahead of GEMINI’s arrival, another solo artist, B.K., took the stage. The crowd was just as hyped for him as they were GEMINI, too, as he has established a fanbase, especially in Atlanta. He also opened for JUNNY‘s recent BLANC TOUR stop in the city.

B.K. was joined by his VISION MUSIC labelmate DH along with XOXO RΞCORDS‘s FORTY. After their dynamic performance together, DJ FALLENS took over with a diverse set, including hits featuring SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, and even NewJeans‘ “Ditto.” Members of the BTS ARMY were delighted to hear both BTS and Juice WRLD‘s “All Night” and Balming Tiger and RM‘s “SEXY NUKIM.”

So, fans were treated to a couple of unique sets ahead of GEMINI. FALLENS was just warming up too. Before you knew it, GEMINI ran on stage and sang six songs from Still Blue nearly back to back: “Love Is Banned,” “Bad,” “Do Me Right,” “Rollercoaster,” “mon amour,” and “Hola,” showcasing the EP’s versatile discography.


After, he performed some of the fans’ favorite tracks from previous releases, “Inside Out” and “She lives in Paris.” GEMINI proved to be a master at fan engagement throughout the concert too. Occasionally, in between songs, he flexed his English. And whether you bought a Meet & Greet ticket or not, he still treated the crowd to many fan interactions. GEMINI took several selfies mid-performance, grabbing fans’ phones. He even wore a fan’s sunglasses and received gifts, including a flower bouget and a cute Squishmallow.


GEMINI also took us back to where many of us first got to know him: collaborations, especially under H1GHR MUSIC with its first compilation album, H1GHR : BLUE TAPE. So, he performed “UFO (Feat. Seori),” “Making Love (Feat. pH-1),” “1, 2, 3 (Feat. BIG Naughty),” and “Naked (Feat. Leellamarz).”

Atlanta was treated to a new version of “Going.” This song is special already as it was his debut single, released under GroovyRoom‘s AREA in 2020.

GEMINI thoughtfully ensured fans heard most of their favorite songs. So, his setlist wouldn’t be complete without “MIA (Feat. CAMO, WOODZ),” as it charted #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart. Likewise, he also performed “Trip,” his collaboration with Jay Park, which takes some inspiration from Park’s hit “Sex Trip.”

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Despite the extensive setlist, GEMINI’s concert was not long enough for fans. So, after performing a couple of previous releases, “Know me” and “More & More,” he left the stage, sparking the crowd to shout for an encore.

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As was evident from the start, GEMINI doesn’t make his fans wait long. So, he returned after just a moment. His set ultimately concluded with “a place we used to go” and “Broken Love.” Of course, no concert is complete without a group photo, so he snapped a quick shot with the crowd before leaving.


GEMINI’s 2023 Still Blue North American Tour consists of ten stops across both the United States and Canada and is about halfway through already, so don’t fail to miss your opportunity to attend. Entry costs $40-75 USD, VIP MEET & GREET is $125-$140 USD, and VIP TABLE is $400-$500 USD.

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