A German Jamboree Scout Reports A Korean Hotel Owner For Allegedly Breaking Into Their Room And Grabbing Them

It was while they were staying behind in Korea after the Jamboree ended.

Recently, a German Scout from the 2023 World Scout Jamboree held in Saemangeum, Korea, reported a hotel owner to the police.

Scouts attended the “K-POP SUPER LIVE” concert on August 11. | Yonhap

On August 13, the Gwangju Seobu Police Station reported that around 6:50 p.m., a German Jamboree Scout reported a 60-year-old hotel owner for allegedly breaking into their room in Gwangju.

The Scout had scheduled a two-night, three-day Gwangju trip with 40 other Scouts after the official Jamboree event ended on August 11 with the K-POP SUPER LIVE concert.

Around 43,000 Scouts attended the K-Pop concert on August 11 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. | KBS World/YouTube

According to reports, the Scout claimed the hotel owner entered their room without permission. At the time, the Scout was resting in their room and demanded the hotel owner leave. However, communication was not smooth between them, and in the process, the Scout screamed after the hotel owner grabbed their arm. Another Scout heard the scream and reported the incident to the police.

During the police investigation, the hotel owner stated that he had entered the room to adjust the air conditioning and cooling facilities, as the window had been left open when the air conditioning was on. The police stated that they are currently investigating the exact details of the incident.

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Furthermore, another German Scout who stayed at the same hotel initially reported being assaulted by the hotel owner but later withdrew the report. They explained to the police that there had been a misunderstanding during their conversation about their visit and that they no longer wanted to pursue the report.

| World Scout Jamboree Germany

The German Jamboree attendees are reportedly demanding refunds for their prepaid accommodation fees at the hotel. They plan to move to two other lodging establishments and continue with their remaining itinerary.


Source: Wikitree