German Radio Host Who Made Racist Comments Toward BTS Gets Demoted

His original show has been canceled.

Back in February, German radio station Bayern 3‘s DJ Matthias Matuschik made racist comments about BTS, comparing them to COVID-19. A few days later, he apologized for his remarks, but fans felt the apology was lackluster and untrue.

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As of today, Matuschik will no longer be hosting the show where he initially said those comments. Instead, he will be doing a podcast about local Bavarian music titled Fasten your Lederhosen. This was considered a demotion as the podcast will only premiere once a month instead of his usual 3-hour-long show 3 times a week.

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Bayern 3 denied that the change correlated with Matuschik’s actions.

The first discussions between Matthias Matuschik and the editorial team took place in the middle of last year. The profile of Bayern 3 has changed a lot during this time, our program is now aimed at a different target group than in 2008.

— Bayern 3

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However, they stated that after the incident, it “became apparent that there are different ideas about essential editorial questions and the self-image of a moderator.” Apparently, that is was led to the decision that Matuschik would initially work on the editorial board.

Fans are upset that the company still gave him a platform as many wanted him fired.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bayern 3


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