Get to know the new boy group, MVP before their debut

There’s a new idol group to look out for and with the help of SubKulture Entertainment, boy group MVP is set to make one of the hottest debuts in 2017.

MVP is a new group created by label PH Entertainment and is comprised of 7 members. The group’s already being teased through SubKulture Entertainment’s new “rookie promotion” platform, SUBK SQRD (SUBK SQUARED).

SUBK SQRD will assist rookie idols and their agencies to help boost their careers and MVP is the lucky group being promoted first!

MVP first announced three of the seven members to be Gitaek, Rayoon and P.K. along with some incredibly handsome photos of the group!

The three members were followed up with the announcement of the maknae line! MVP actually has three maknaes, Jin, Been and Sion. Jin and Been are twins so they share the same birthday but technically Sion is the youngest of them all.

Finally, the leader ofthe group, Kanghan was revealed along with a ridiculous clip showing off his b-boy skills.

The group also released what’s possibly the best teaser ever, with a charismatic dance cover of GOT7‘s powerful song, Hard Carry. Check out the awesome cover below!


MVP also opened up their official SNS accounts such as their Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube Channel.

Check out their official Intro MV for “Manifest”: