“Get Well Soon, Joy”: Fans Flood The Red Velvet Star With Support Following Early Exit From Concert

“Our Joy, you worked hard!”

The members of Red Velvet have recently embarked on their second world tour R to V, with the most recent show being held in Singapore on April 21. The tour aims to showcase Red Velvet’s various charms, including their incredible ability to embody some of the most unique concepts in K-Pop. Each show entertains fans with a gradual move from their “Red” upbeat tracks to the group’s signature slower “Velvet” songs.

However, as exciting as it may be to fans, tight tour schedules are known to make idols go through health-related hardships, which often cause concern.

While the Singapore stop of R to V started out perfectly, with the five members performing hits like “Feel My Rhythm” and “Queendom,” the night soon ran into an issue when fans noticed Joy had not come up on stage alongside the other girls following one of the VCRs.

When it was time for Red Velvet to perform their fan-favorite b-side “I Just,” ReVeluvs in the venue saw only four members come out on stage and sing using their mic stands. Understandably, everyone was concerned. It was the group’s English-speaking member Wendy that told fans why Joy was missing from their performance. Wendy clarified that Joy “wasn’t feeling well” and that she wasn’t going to perform for the rest of the concert.

[Are you] surprised why Joy isn’t on the stage? We prepared a lot to show you guys since it’s been almost five years since we last came to Singapore. She’s not feeling well… so she’s not going to be on stage for the rest of the concert. She said to us not to worry, she’s okay. She just wanted to show you guys a better performance later on, so she doesn’t want you guys to worry that much.

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

Upon hearing the sad news, the fans present in the venue cheered loudly for Joy to tell her that it was okay. Wendy then added that Joy was sad she couldn’t perform with the rest of the members, but she would make sure to come back to Singapore next time with a better performance.

She’s kinda sad but sad that she can’t be with us for the rest of the concert. But she will for sure show you guys better performances later on. And she’ll be back in Singapore next time.

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

The news soon reached the rest of Red Velvet’s fans, who were eagerly keeping up with the concert on social media. ReVeluvs made sure to show as much support as possible to Joy, knowing she would be upset for not being able to finish the show. Also concerned for the star’s health, many took to Twitter to wish for her to feel much better soon and thanked her for her performance.

One bittersweet moment that followed Joy’s absence on stage happened during the members’ solo dance section as part of their “Bad Boy” performance. Following Seulgi’s cut, the spotlights shone on the now-empty spot Joy would be dancing in. The fans cheered loudly for Joy, despite her not being there, and the members themselves could be seen joining the fans’ cheers.

ReVeluvs present in the venue also noted that Joy possibly sang her part in the group’s emotional track “Celebrate” from backstage. Sweet as ever, Joy must have wanted to sing her parts in the song, even though she wasn’t well enough to get up on stage. The venue boomed with cheers louder than ever, a way for the fans to show their unconditional support to Joy.

Red Velvet

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