After This GFRIEND Accomplishment, Their CEO Owes Them Big Time

They’ve earned it.

GFRIEND recently made a comeback with their song “Sunrise” and accompanying album “Time for us”.

Recently, on a broadcast of the KBS Radio Show Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show, host Moon Hee Jun congratulated the girls on their award wins at the Seoul Music Awards and the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.

They won the “Dance Performance Award” at the Seoul Music Awards.

And were one of the winners of “Best Group” at the Golden Disc Awards.

Despite these fantastic achievements, Sowon said on the show that their agency Source Music never treats them to celebratory dinners.

Yuju even made reference to the Source Music CEO, So Sung Jin, whose name starts with the letter “So” which sounds like “cow” in Korean. She said that since he has “cow” in his name, he should treat GFRIEND to a beef dinner.

Eunha finished by saying that if they receive a music show win for “Sunrise” then their CEO should buy them dinner with his own credit card.

Well, GFRIEND just won their first victory for Sunrise at SBS’s The Show. 

You can watch their performance here:

It’s your move So Sung Jin, the Buddies expect a lavish dinner for GFRIEND.


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