GFRIEND Opens Up About A Possible Collab With BTS Now That Their Agencies Have Joined

Will GFRIEND and BTS collaborate one day?

GFRIEND recently made their long-awaited comeback with their mini-album, titled “回:LABYRINTH”. This is their first album since their agency, Source Music, has joined hands with BigHit Entertainment.

Bang Si Hyuk has also participated in producing the new album, which made everyone wonder the big question at the center of this new partnership: “Will GFRIEND and BTS collaborate?”

Umji responded to the question by first clarifying that although BigHit acquired Source Music, the group is still under Source Music than BigHit.

She believes that the group should focus on their own activities and will decide on a possible collab if their agency brings it up.

The planning and production aspects are decided on after discussing with the agency, so we don’t have any information about [a possible collaboration].

We’re under Source Music, so we believe it’s important to focus more on our own activities for now.

— Umji

But that doesn’t mean that they’re completely cut ties from BigHit! Sowon brought up their recent partnership with BigHit and Bang Si Hyuk for their new album.

All of the staff, including Bang Si Hyuk PD-nim, put in a lot of effort for our album. Especially [Bang Si Hyuk] who took over for songwriting and overall production.

We know that he’s supporting us, so we’re very very happy. We look forward to what comes next.

— Sowon

Source Music was acquired by BigHit Entertainment after years of working together since the beginning of both agencies. Source Music only has one artists, GFRIEND. And with the new partnership, fans wondered if the famous girl group will collab with the famous boy group from BigHit, BTS.

Although nothing is on the table, no one can officially rule out the chance that these newly formed labelmate-like-groups could one day work on a project together!

Meanwhile, check out GFRIEND and Bang Si Hyuk’s first project together, “Crossroad”, below:

Source: Star Today