Bang Si Hyuk Gave GFRIEND The Most Important Career Advice For Their Comeback

Bang Si Hyuk had the best advice for GFRIEND!

GFRIEND recently made their long-awaited comeback with their mini-album, titled “回:LABYRINTH”. This is their first album since their agency, Source Music, has joined hands with BigHit Entertainment. Bang Si Hyuk has also participated in producing the new album, making many wonder what kind of style Bang PD will have with a girl group!

During their showcase, the members opened up about working with Bang Si Hyuk and their new partnership with BigHit.

Umji revealed that Bang Si Hyuk and many BigHit staff were a big help in their latest comeback. She feels that their input allowed them to better prepare for their album in various ways.

Starting with Bang Si Hyuk PD, BigHit’s producers and visual producers helped us with our song and photos. He participated in the music performance and contents aspect, which helped us a lot.

The story that we wanted to tell with this album became stronger and more solidified overall.

— Umji

Although he’s played a large role in their new album, Bang Si Hyuk has not been able to meet GFRIEND yet due to his busy schedules. But he didn’t hold back in giving the girls important career advice!

He claimed that GFRIEND has a unique charm that can’t be replicated by any other girl group. He advised that they focus on spreading that charm through good contents.

And it inspired the members to want to work harder for their music and their fans!

We weren’t able to meet him yet, but he gave us a lot of good advice through the staff members. He told us, ‘GFRIEND has a charm that is only possible by GFRIEND. It’ll be good to continue emphasizing and improving on those charms through good contents.’

It strengthened us. We felt that we could depend on him after he told us that he will support us both physically and psychologically so that we can bring out good music for our fans.

It made us want to work harder.

— Sowon

Through their new album, GFRIEND wanted to convey “the moment of choice in a girl’s road to maturity.” The album and music video adds a flair of BigHit Entertainment and Bang Si Hyuk.

Check out their title track, “Crossroads”, below:

Source: The Celeb