Big Hit Dropped GFRIEND’s Comeback Teaser — Let The Theories Begin

Buddy, MOA, and ARMY are brainstorming new theories based on GFRIEND’s comeback teaser.

GFRIEND‘s comeback is taking multiple K-Pop fandoms by storm!


On January 15, GFRIEND announced that they will be returning on February 3 with a new album, 回:LABYRINTH. On January 20, they kicked off 回:LABYRINTH preorders by dropping their first teaser — on Big Hit Labels!


Last July, Big Hit Entertainment (home to BTS and TXT), acquired GFRIEND’s label, Source Music. Source Music now operates as an independent subsidiary label under the Big Hit Entertainment banner.


A Tale of the Glass Bead : Previous Story is the first GFRIEND video to ever drop on Big Hit Entertainment’s YouTube channel, and Big Hit Family fans are all for it.


Although GFRIEND’s music video universe is independent of BTS and TXT’s, there are intriguing connections between the three groups, both in fiction and in reality. For starters, GFRIEND’s Eunha and SinB are both former Big Hit Entertainment trainees!


Secondly, if you’ve noticed some stylistic similarities between GFRIEND, BTS, and TXT’s work, it’s probably because several of their music videos were produced by the creative minds at LUMPENS. This includes GFRIEND’s “Time For the Moon Night” MV, TXT’s “Questioning” films, and BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” MV.


GFRIEND’s new teaser continues GFRIEND’s own intriguing storyline, but Big Hit Family fans are having a blast connecting their own dots — no matter how far apart those dots may be!


Here’s hoping for a GFRIEND x BTS x TXT collab in the future! Until then, watch (and rewatch!) the video everyone is talking about: