GFRIEND Reveals A Junior Girl Group Was Their Biggest Source Of Strength In Recent Promotions

They keep their special gift even to this day!

GFRIEND has been busy promoting their latest album and hit track, “Apple”. As their schedules are continuously hectic and energy draining, the members were asked what is their biggest strength to keep going.

Sowon revealed that one of their biggest support are their junior girl group, cignature! They meet a lot of juniors during their promotions but cignature stood out for them because of a long handwritten letter that they gifted them.

| @cignature_j9 Instagram

We met an especially large number of junior artists during this promotion, but they all clapped together for us and exchanged albums. We’re not sure if cignature didn’t have a physical album but they gave us a long handwritten letter.

They wrote so beautiful and it energized us greatly. Our hearts felt mushy reading it.

— Sowon

GFRIEND still treasures the letter to this day and says it’s become a great source of energy for them!

We still have the letter and it gives us a lot of strength.

— Sowon

cignature debuted earlier this year, making them 5-years-junior to GFRIEND who debuted in 2015. The cignature members have never hid their love and respect for GFRIEND as they frequently named them as their role models and cover their songs.

cignature and GFRIEND first met during GFRIEND’s “Crossroads” promotions and have become close friends ever since!

Here’s to more beautiful interactions between these two talented groups!

| @cignature_j9 Instagram