GFRIEND’s Collection Of Outfits For Their Recent Comeback Has Everyone Agreeing It May Be Their Best Concept Yet

Don’t look any further for your fashion-inspo for the week!

As GFRIEND successfully concludes their promotions for “Crossroads”, Buddys and netizens alike are praising their latest outfit concepts to be one of the best ever in their entire career!

Not only has GFRIEND won music show awards after music show awards, they’ve also won the viewers’ hearts with some of the most inspiring and complementary outfits through their performances!

The girls first started off with a plaid school uniform concept.

As well as a military cross with combat boots for “LABRYINTH”.

From wide shoulder padded cropped blazers to baggy dress pants, GFRIEND was the epitome of fashion-inspo during their performances!

Their stylist then decided to switch it up by using shiny leather fabric, which surprisingly didn’t look tacky at all!

From school looks, office looks, to military looks, GFRIEND and their stylists worked hard to create pieces that stood out but were also beautiful on stage with the girls’ choreography!

Fans and netizens all highly praised GFRIEND’s stylist as they thanked them for fashion inspirations, as well as proving that girl group’s outfits can be pretty without being too revealing.

“I really like their recent concept. All of it in general fit them all very well!”

“All of it is so pretty! The stylist needs to be praised!”

“Wow this is amazing ㅠㅠㅠ The stylist worked so hard”

“Other girl group stylists need to really learn from GFRIEND’s. It’s hard to find stylists who will dress their idols in outfits where they can safely dance without being so revealing.”

“Wow they wore school uniforms but looked so proper.. The other girl groups cropped everything and made it look so shortㅜ I like seeing this better”

“GFRIEND’s stylist deserves a bonus”

— Netizens

Congratulations to another successful promotion for GFRIEND and their stylists!

Source: Nate Pann