GFRIEND Dish On Their Adorable Friendship With TWICE


GFRIEND recently participated in an interview with Star News ahead of their comeback with Sunny Summer on July 19, where they talked about their friendship with TWICE.


Yerin revealed what the GFRIEND members talk about with TWICE, and it’s something all idols love. Food.

“The TWICE members are friends in the same age group as us. We send and receive messages saying things like ‘What did you eat?’, ‘Have you eaten yet?’, ‘When should we meet up?’, ‘What do you want to eat?’.  Thinking about it, we really just talk about eating and food. Everything is comfortable around TWICE.”

— Yerin


Eunha mentioned that TWICE contacted GFRIEND after their comeback was announced, cheering them on for success and sent her own well wishes for TWICE’s promotions.

“The TWICE members contacted us once they saw our comeback album teaser. They told us it was fresh, refreshing. Personally I think TWICE’s comeback song is really good. I told the members that we should do a collaboration stage with them later since their dancing is so good.”

— Eunha


Yuju finished off the interview by sharing how the two groups encourage each other at the year-end award stages, where they’ve had collaborations in the past.

“We often have private conversations with each other. While we were preparing for the year-end performances, we had the chance to do a special stage together. Before we would go on stage, we would send each other messages of encouragement like ‘I’m nervous since we’re going to be performing together. Let’s do well.’

 — Yuju

Source: Star News