GFRIEND’s Eunha, SinB, and Umji Are Re-Debuting In A Group—Here’s The Potential Name For Their New Group

Fans are super excited to see them on stage again!

Earlier, reports broke out about how 3 members of GFRIEND were reuniting to re-debut in a group together, and fans put on their sleuthing hats to find out everything they could about it!

Eunha, SinB, and Umji | Source Music

3 former members of GFRIEND, Eunha

Eunha | @rlo.ldl/Instagram


SinB | @bscenez/Instagram

…and Umji were announced to make their re-debut as a group, and revealed that they also joined the agency Big Planet Made, which notably also signed former SISTAR member Soyou recently!

Umji | @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

And now, fans have discovered that Big Planet Made has trademarked the name “VIVIZ”, and also the Korean name “비비지” pronounced “bibiji”.

| The Qoo

Fans believe that the name stands for the combination of the 3 members’ names, with the “bi” coming from Eunha and SinB’s shared birth name (Eunbi) and “ji” coming from Umji!

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Fans are excited to see the 3 of them onstage again!

Source: The Qoo