GFRIEND suffers painful fall on stage again

Members of GFRIEND have famously slipped over on stage more than once in the past, and unfortunately, it’s just happened again!

During a performance of “Rough”, GFRIEND’s Umji was spotted slipping on stage – and it looked really painful!

Umji was mid-dance when she slipped due to the stage being wet from heavy rainfall, shocking her fellow members SinB and Sowon, who quickly helped Umji stand up again.

Showing their professionalism, the girls continued their performance as if nothing had happened – but the incident has led fans to complain about the conditions that they were expected to perform in, especially since this isn’t the first time that this has happened!

Back in 2015, the girls also experienced some pretty harsh falls while they were performing “Me Gustas Tu” during a rainy day that had left the stage slippery. The incident initially raised questions on whether or not they should have been allowed to perform under such dangerous conditions.

Now that another incident like this has happened, fans are calling for a change in whether idols should be allowed to perform on wet stages!

You can watch both of these dangerous performances below!