Former GFRIEND’s Sowon To Leave Her Current Label IOK Company

She wasn’t there for very long.

After GFRIEND abruptly and unexpectedly disbanded last May, former member Sowon ended up joining label IOK Entertainment with plans to promote as an actress under her birth name, Kim So Jung.

Kim So Jung | IOK Company

The label, which is also home to soloist B.I, said that they would give their full support to the former idol in her acting pursuits, so that she could, “shine and show off her endless potential and talents as an actress.”

Kim So Jung | IOK Company

However, since joining the label last August, the only project she was involved in was as the lead role in the movie My Chilling Roommate, which was released in June this year.

Jung Chan Woo and Kim So Jung in My Chilling Roommate

Sources are now claiming that So Jung will be leaving IOK Company after only a year with them. There haven’t been any details about what led to this decision yet, and her future plans are also unknown.

Kim So Jung | IOK Company

Some people think that she may join a different company, while others believe she might end up working as an independent artist.

Kim So Jung | IOK Company

Whatever the case is, we wish all the best for So Jung and her future endeavors!

Source: Ten Asia