GFRIEND Were Inspired By BTS But Not In A Way You Would Expect

The result is priceless.

GFRIEND recently sought inspiration from BTS in an unexpected way and it had side-splitting results.

ARMY may be familiar with the self-made music video for BTS’s song “Spine Breaker”.

Directed by the famous RM and his assistant J-Hope, with catering provided by Suga, this music video truly is a cinematography masterpiece.

The home-made BTS music video resurfaced recently as GFRIEND sought inspiration from the highly-accredited production.

In a segment titled Self Made Music Video, GFRIEND had to quickly create a music video for their new song “Sunrise”.

So naturally, they sought out the masters of making their own music videos, they analyzed “Spine Breaker” by BTS to find out techniques in order to apply them to their own “crack” music video.

The final product was quite impressive, GFRIEND created a hilarious alternative music video for “Sunrise”. Perhaps the students surpassed the teachers?

Their full adventure is available below, though it isn’t subtitled yet.

This isn’t the first time BTS and GFRIEND were both involved in the making of an “interesting” video. Fans may remember their advertisement for SMART school uniforms.