GFRIEND’s Past Interview About Their Management Comes Back Into Spotlight After News Of Them Leaving The Company

The interview was heartbreaking.

It was recently confirmed that girl group, GFRIEND, would no longer continue their activities with their agency, Source Music. With the expiration of their contracts, GFRIEND decided not to renew their exclusive management contracts with Source Music as a group. The sudden news shocked fans worldwide.

A Korean fan was reminded of an interview segment the girls did on MMTG with MC JaeJae. The clip was reposted along with the caption, “What makes me really feel it is when you watch their interview on MMTG and you will know (the reason).” This was in response to another fan who discoursed that it is not disbandment but simply that they chose not to renew as a group. The fan suggested that GFRIEND had the will to, they could always choose to contract as a group with a different agency or setup their own agency akin to Highlight.

In the interview, Yuju shared that there was once the company worked them so hard during their rookie days, that she resorted to pulling out her wisdom teeth in order to take a break. Yuju’s wisdom teeth were not even out back then. She thought that if she did so, the company would at least let her rest for a little while. Yuju revealed that her mother was heartbroken that her daughter had to go through such pains just to rest.

The other members related to her as they shared that the group had to practice so hard when they were rookies, that they hated getting up in the morning.

The same interview also was where Sowon shared that she had to go on stage despite her extreme phobia of bugs.

Everyone is a little scared of bugs but there are some people that are really phobic of them, and I am one of them. I practically went up the stage with my mind completely out of it. I don’t even know how I finished the performance. When I came down, the members had done so well, I was so sorry about it afterwards that I couldn’t lift my head up.

— Sowon

That particular performance became known as GFRIEND’s trending stage where many members fell down due to heavy rain and bugs. Although the public ended up loving the performance, GFRIEND shared that it became sort of a traumatic experience for them.

Many Korean fans became heartbroken when they realized the treatment GFRIEND received from their agency. The full interview can be watched below.