GFRIEND’s Sowon Has An Advice To Her Manager Who’s “Scared” Of The Members

“We won’t hurt you.”

GFRIEND recently appeared as guests on a radio show where they opened up about everything from their latest comeback to their relationship with their manager!

During a segment, the girls were asked when they can’t hold back their anger. Sowon surprised everyone by claiming, “When someone speaks frustratingly.

She then went onto reveal that she’s referring to none other than their own manager!

GFRIEND arriving at the airport with their manager.

Sowon thinks it may be because she’s afraid of the members! She gave her a comical advice, asking her to speak her mind since the girls don’t bite!

It’s our manager.

Please speak freely. We won’t hurt you.

— Sowon

But this absolutely came out of left field as no one could ever imagine being scared of these 6 adorable girls!

Take evidence #1, during the radio show, they were asked to reveal their biggest strengths, and instead of boasting their humble personalities or talented skills as an artist, Yerin claimed it was her tofu-like skin!

She explained, “No matter how much I’m in the sun, it’s okay. My skin doesn’t burn.”

These girls can’t keep serious for one second either! When Umji revealed that she’s been losing sleep like an elderly, Eunha revealed she’s basically a new-born baby!

Umji: “I’m a morning person. I used to nap a lot, but one day I didn’t need to sleep anymore.”

Eunha: “For me, I try to sleep as much as I can as soon as I get in the car. I put on my earplugs and sleep like it’s a necessity.”


With such adorable members, who can ever be afraid of GFRIEND? Perhaps their manager isn’t scared of them, she’s just overwhelmed by their beagle-personalities!

Source: Newsen