GFRIEND’s Sowon Has The Best Reaction To Yuju’s Solo Debut

She’s the best leader 🥺

The GFRIEND members will always be there for each other, and Sowon‘s reaction to Yuju‘s solo debut is proof of how tight the members’ bond is.

GFRIEND’s Sowon | @onedayxne/Instagram
GFRIEND’s Yuju | @yuuzth/Instagram

Yuju recently released her first solo mini album[REC], which features the self-composed title track “Play.”

| KONNECT Entertainment/YouTube

Buddies and netizens alike have expressed their love for “Play” and the rest of Yuju’s album, and many people were curious about what Yuju’s groupmates thought about her solo debut.

GFRIEND | @mademyday603B/Twitter

Yuju sat down for an interview with MC JaeJae during her comeback media showcase, and the interview was posted on YouTube on January 18. In the video, Yuju answered questions from the press about her solo debut and her relationship with the GFRIEND members.


During the interview, JaeJae told Yuju that the press had submitted many questions about how the GFRIEND members reacted to her solo. JaeJae read a question from a reporter about the members’ reaction to “Play” that said, “What was the most memorable cheering message?”

Yuju started off her answer by saying the members would always be “precious” to her, and she revealed that one of the members had said half-jokingly that the “Play” teaser was the video that she “watched the most” in her life.

JaeJae thought the comment was hilarious, and she asked which of the members said that. Of course, it was GFRIEND’s leader Sowon!

We love hearing that the GFRIEND members are so supportive of each other, and we can totally relate to Sowon’s reaction to the “Play” teaser!

Check out Yuju’s full interview below.