GFRIEND’s Sowon Reveals She Cried During Her Harsh Diet To Prepare For Their Comeback

She just wanted to eat normally.

GFRIEND held a showcase to celebrate their recent comeback with their album, “回:Song of the Sirens”. During the interview portion of the night, Sowon revealed that she cried because of the harsh diet she had to undergo in preparation for their comeback.

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Sowon explained that to prepare for their comeback, she went on a harsh diet for 3 days where she only ate tomatoes and cucumbers.

I went on a harsh diet for 3 days before our comeback. I didn’t eat carbs at all and only ate tomatoes and cucumbers.

— Sowon

The extreme diet made her so hungry but Yerin decided it was the perfect time to tease her unnie! Yerin seduced her by calling out some of the most delicious (yet fattening) dishes and Sowon couldn’t help but cry!

Yerin seduced me by saying stuff like, ‘Jjajangmyun’ and ‘Ramen’. She was a seducer.

I wanted to eat jjajangmyun so bad that I cried.

— Sowon

But thankfully, their manager decided to reward Sowon as soon as their showcase was over! To celebrate her 3-day diet, her manager made sure there was a delicious bowl of jjajangmyun waiting for Sowon as soon as she got off stage!

Our manager ordered us jjajangmyung as soon as our media showcase ended. I ran over there as soon as we were done and ate it.

— Sowon

But lets be real here… Why does Sowon need to diet in the first place?! She’s absolutely gorgeous!

Anyways, make sure to check out GFRIEND’s latest hit, “Apple”, below!

Source: Osen