GFRIEND’s Sowon Almost Debuted With Another Name And It Fits Her Perfectly

Sowon was almost called something else…

GFRIEND Sowon‘s birth name is actually Kim So Jung. But she debuted under the stage name of Sowon, which means ‘wish’ in Korean.


But Umji revealed that Sowon almost debuted with a totally different stage name! That name was, PB.

“I guess you didn’t know, but Sowon unnie wasn’t always called Sowon. Her initial stage name was PB.”

— Umji


When the hosts of Idol Room asked what PB stood for, the members revealed that it was an acronym for “Perfect Beauty“!


The MCs and members burst out in laughter at the unique name! Sowon shook with laughter as she became embarrassed by the name that emphasized her beauty.


Eunha commented that it made sense that Sowon was known for her beauty as she was recently named the “Beauty Icon” of 2018!

“Maybe that’s why you won the title Beauty Icon.”

— Eunha


Umji didn’t understand why everyone was laughing as it was a true story! Their company CEO was the one who gave her the name, PB!

“It’s a true story, our CEO named her himself!”

— Umji


Although PB sounds pretty awkward, Sowon definitely deserves the title of “Perfect Beauty”!

Source: MyDaily