GFRIEND’s Sowon And Umji Talk About Safe Spaces, Maturity And More In Recent Interview

The interview accompanying the pictorial shows their deep, mature thinking!

GFRIEND‘s Sowon and Umji are two visuals in their own right, and together, their visual power is insane!

Sowon and Umji held a photoshoot with Arena Homme+ with a “blossomed” concept, and for this photoshoot, they used a European-style garden background to create luxurious scenes.

Along with the pictorial, the two also sat down for an interview, where Sowon shared how much she treasures her role as the leader of the group!

I am happy when I feel like I have become a safe place for my members.


And as maknae Umji is turning 24 (Korean age) this year, she was asked about when she feels the most grown-up and mature! She then revealed that these days, she tries to listen to advice that aligns the best with who she is, and who she wants to be!

In the past, there were many times I was confused because the advice that I received were all different and broad. These days, I am grateful for the advice I’m given, but I do try to use the advice that matches the values I seek.

It is then that I feel like I have become a bit more mature.


Sowon and Umji were also asked an interesting question about whether or not they would eat a potion that would allow them to be loved without worry or anxiety, and the two gave differing answers from different perspectives!

Umji stated that she wouldn’t take the potion…

I wouldn’t take it. Because then you wouldn’t know how precious love is.


…while Sowon shared that she definitely would!

I would eat it. It’s not something you eat right when you are born, but when you experience the anxiety that comes from love, so you already know the pain.


Source: TV Report