GFRIEND Umji’s Fans Claim She Looks Like Ailee After Her Drastic Style Change

Umji looks so different!

GFRIEND‘s Umji attended a promotional event for Pony Effect’s collaboration with MAC.


She arrived dressed in black with her hair pulled back and a new fierce makeup style!


Umji looked different than her usual youthful glam as she opted for a smoky eye look with intense contacts!


After seeing Umji in her new look, many fans and netizens claimed that she looked like Ailee!

“I thought she was Ailee…”

“Oh I thought she was Ailee for a second”

“She looks like a mix of CL + Ailee”

“Isn’t that Ailee?”


Perhaps it was the ponytail or her makeup style…


But fans and netizens agreed that they had a similar feel!


No matter, Umji looked glamorous in her fierce new look and fans are all here for it!


Here’s to two stunning queens!

Source: News1