GFRIEND’s Umji Looks Amazing After A Successful Diet and Style Change

She’s literally glowing!

GFRIEND’s Umji boasts a cute charm with her trademark round cheeks and youthful appearance.

And her latest photos from a photoshoot with “CeCi” is proving that she’s truly growing into her “goddess” nickname.

She may have been subject to a number of weight shaming in the past, but she’s proved the haters wrong with her successful diet and style change!

A photo from her recent shoot with CeCi proved just that as she took selfies behind-the-scenes and the fans are absolutely in love with her beauty!

She still maintained her charming image but managed to look a bit slimmer.

A new style, slimmer look, and glow may just dub Umji as the next “nation’s little sister”.

Cheers to GFRIEND and Umji’s continuing to amaze us with their new styles!😍

Source: OSEN