GFRIEND Yerin Breaks Down Crying In The Middle Of Concert

She hated herself and feared her fans did too.

GFRIEND‘s Yerin shed tears at their latest concert when she revealed that she once feared that her fans may hate her.

She poured her heart out in front of the fans when she confessed that she used to hate herself for disappointing her fans while she was the MC for The Show.

“Honestly, I wanted to be good at everything.

When I first began as an MC, I was so scared and nervous. I’m scared to talk in front of people. When I focus on that fear, I can’t talk even more.

I couldn’t MC well during the beginning. So much that I can’t even watch it now.

I would practice everyday in order to not make any mistakes. But I would make mistakes during filming and I would hate myself for it.”

— Yerin

Yerin hosting “The Show”.

Her self-loathing would pile up and she eventually though her fans would also abandon her.


“I thought that Buddys would see me make mistakes and hate me. So I determined myself to memorize my lines.

I wanted to do everything well, but I made mistakes. I spent a lot of sad days where I was disappointed in myself.”

— Yerin

But at the end of the day, she learned that the ones closest to her would never desert her for her mistakes, but embrace her for who she is.

She ended her speech by thanking all of her fans who helped her become a better person.

“But what I learned was that Buddy will love me no matter the mistakes.

Thank you for loving me, who makes mistakes.

I lack a lot of things, but it was my first. And I realize no one can be great at everything on their first try.

I will continue to work hard and become someone that Buddys can be proud of.

If I gain confidence, Buddys gain confidence too, right?

I’ve worked hard at what I wanted to do and I will continue to work hard!”

— Yerin

The concert hall filled with applause for Yerin and her newfound determination. After she finished her speech, Eunha took the mic to speak on behalf of the group.

“Yerin. You’re always great. You’re the best.”

— Eunha

Watch Yerin’s full speech below: