GFRIEND’s Yerin Opens Up On How Much She Misses Her Fans

Fans are missing you too Yerin!

GFRIEND‘s Yerin is stunning on the March issue of Pilates S magazine! Along with some gorgeous pictorials, Yerin also did an interesting interview where she vented on how much she misses her fans! As many know, COVID-19 has separated idols from their fans to keep everyone safe, so the craving to see each other is huge.

In her interview, Yerin described how GFRIEND’s fandom has grown larger over the years as more people join their fandom (Buddy). Knowing that they’re gaining more and more fans and not being able to meet them is heartbreaking for Yerin. Yerin expressed how the group can only meet fans through broadcasting and while it’s better than nothing, she misses seeing them in person.

We have a lot more fans now than when we debuted. Now, unintentionally, because of the Corona crisis, I can only contact fans through broadcasting, but before, I met them often offline and received a lot of heartfelt support.

— Yerin

Not only is it hard not to see the fans, yerin revealed she’s struggling with not being able to perform in front of an audience.

Since a year ago, we haven’t had the ability to be on stage and we can’t see our fans in person, so I feel a huge emptiness. I really miss Buddies (GFRIEND’s fandom name).

— Yerin

Aside from her career, Yerin conveyed how much she wishes she could return to other fun activities that she would usually be able to do in her life before COVID. She shared that she used to go to the zoo every year but had to skip out in 2020. Don’t worry Yerin! We all are missing you and our normal lives!

I want to go to the zoo. I used to go every year like it was an annual tradition, but unfortunately, last year I couldn’t go.

— Yerin

Yerin further explained the zoo holds a special place in her heart as it was a family activity and brings out her inner child.

It appears that I won’t be able to go this year either, but I would always go to the zoo with my parents whenever I had a day off and it would be a time of healing for me. I think it brings back my innter childlike innocence.

— Yerin

Luckily, Yerin has found another activity to keep her safe, healthy, and entertained. The activity is none other than ariel yoga!

I have been doing it (ariel yoga) for about two years. Since I haven’t been to the yoga studio for a while, recently I always try to go two or three times a week.

— Yerin

Yerin shared that it took some time to figure out ariel yoga as she’s not the strongest person in the world, but feels it has been helping a lot with that aspect.

Because my physical strength is not so good, it took quite a while to reach a certain level, but now I feel like I’m gaining core muscles. I also take health supplements. It’s because I’ve heard that you don’t lose weight if you’re deficient in vitamins.

— Yerin

Keeping an optimistic attitude, Yerin expressed her desire to learn several other skills and try new activities like horseback riding and more once the world is safe again.

Recently, I’ve developed a craving to to learn new things. If the situation improves a more this year, I’d like to try experiencing various different things as much as I can, like horseback riding, tennis, and golf. Until the day we can meet fans in person again, we’ll keep in touch with them online.

— Yerin

Yerin is clearly yearning to see her fans but at least she is finding activities to keep her busy! Yerin’s optimistic spirit makes us hopeful to see our GFRIEND in person soon!

Source: OSEN