GFRIEND’s Yerin Signs Exclusive Contract With Sublime Artist Agency

She is starting her solo promotions.

According to Sublime Artist Agency (SAA), GFRIEND’s Yerin has signed an exclusive contract with the company. 

Sublime Artist Agency stated, “We are delighted to be able to be with Yerin for her new beginning. We will actively support Yerin’s future activities so that she can meet her fans in more diverse places. Please continue to show her support like always as she greets all of you as Sublime Artist Agency’s artist.”

Yerin debuted under GFRIEND in 2015 and was known for her talented vocals and dance skills that shined on stage. She is currently the MC for season three of Beauty Time.

Sublime Artist Agency is a comprehensive entertainment industry that focuses on entertainment management, album planning and production, and advertisement agency work. SAA houses celebrities including Rain, Song Kang Ho, and more.

Source: newsen