What GFRIEND’s Yuju Had To Say About Durians May Be The Funniest Thing You’ve Heard All Week

She said what she said.

GFRIEND‘s Yuju is a master of words and can describe her feelings down to a T. So when she and fellow teammate Umji went to try durian, a fruit well known for its initially discouraging scent, Yuju had a lot to say about the whole experience. Yuju reviewed exactly how the tasting went and it will leave you laughing for days!

Yuju started off by explaining how Umji, who has tasted durians before, helped her gather up the courage to finally try the fruit. Fans love how Yuju pointed out, “With Umji, I’m not afraid of anything!” So these two brave hearts set off on their journey to a durian stand…

Yuju recalled how she began to pick up on the scent a good mile away from the stand. She casually described how she felt as “having a distinct fart smell creeping up” on her and continued to share how she dealt with the stinky situation.

To keep her cool head in the game, Yuju decided to go for the optimism method. She kept reminding herself that the scent isn’t actually fart, but only something natural.

“I decided to think of it this way. It’s not actually fart that I’m smelling. It’s only natural! It’s just a scent from the nature. It helped me approach the fruit and finally take a bite…!

— Yuju

Going into that first bite, Yuju tried to remember what Umji had told her prior to trying durians. Umji tempted Yuju to taste the fruit by comparing it to sweet potatoes, which are Yuju’s favorite. Here’s what Yuju expected:

I expected it to be a fart-smelling sweet potato!

— Yuju

But here is what Yuju actually experienced:

It felt like I had ten people surrounding me, just shooting farts straight in my face, while I’m in the middle eating a very small piece of sweet potato.

— Yuju

And what was done was done! Yuju, looking back at the whole experience, described the moment as being ultimately satisfying. She claimed it felt good to try something new and that she actually enjoyed the flavor. Yuju was excited that now gets to boast that she knows how a durian tastes!

Yuju’s descriptive use of words in walking her fans through her durian-tasting experience has all her fans cracking up. Her fans all claimed that they can almost smell and taste the durian just by watching her talk about it! They especially loved how very calmly she recreated the moment. This durian review now remains a classic example of Yuju-being-Yuju!